About WA WA

WAWA _____ = I am ____.
WA (私) = I : in Tohoku dialect, Wa means I.
WA (は) = am
WA = 和 = circle, unity, togetherness

Social Creative Platform for Opportunity: WAWA Project, managed by commandN(*please find further information below), with the cooperation of 3331 Arts Chiyoda, aims to "connect" people in respective areas of Tohoku, who are initiating activities fostering local regeneration with those who wish to support such activities. This project engages closely with activists in affected communities, maintaining a base for their activities, while transmitting information about their endeavors through online and offline publications.

The name of this project came from our commitment to focus on and visualize the individual person who is working in an effort for recovery. By saying WAWA, this translates as "I am" conveying our wish to activate one person at a time. Collectively individuals with much competence become "we," generating greater power to move forward. As the name, Social Creative Platform for Opportunity, states, we want to multiply opportunities that boost the sustainable human energy to rebuild these affected areas.


About "commandN"

"commandN," established in April 1998, is an artist-run non-profit organization that produces and manages a wide range of contemporary art projects. Through striving for unique methods to create an innovative network system to regenerate and engage local communities, we continue to propose new ways to link between creators/makers and audiences/receivers.

"commandN" was named after Macintosh's keyboard shortcut "command-N" that means to open a new finder window. We wish to always pursue the most innovative and cutting-edge endeavors.

Non-profit Arts Organization commandN
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URL : http://www.commandn.net/


WA WA PROJECT-Social Creative Platform for Opportunity-Know and support projects in eastern Japan !

Know and support projects in eastern Japan !